PROGRAMme spring meeting – 2019: slides and videos

The PROGRAMme spring meeting in Lille (5 – 7 june) was an exciting but intense meeting — we thanks everyone who contributed to this!

Below you can find the slides for some of the talks as well as a link to the LilleTV channel where you can relive most of the talks and the discussions that follow:

Link to LilleTV

Maarten Bullynck, Computers as Boolean machines. Between operational clarity and physical reality

Edgar Daylight and Felice Cardone, Unbounded nondeterminism: an introduction for the philosopher of Computing

Gilles Dowek, How does the physical Church-Turing thesis changed the notion of “machine”?

Stephen Kell (University of Kent), Software against humanity? An Illichian perspective on the industrial era of software

Amirouche Moktefi, Early logic machines and the problem of elimination

Mate Szabo, Licensing, designing and reverse engineering computers in Hungary from the 1950s to the 1970s

Ray Turner, Computational abstraction

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