Autumn meeting 2019 – slides and pictures

The PROGRAMme autumn meeting was again a very intense and special week with a workshop around programming languages and notations (Cluster 3 of the project) and a set of work meetings to shape and discuss not just a book but a collaborative work which I hope will continue after PROGRAMme ends. The dynamics of the group of researchers that have gathered for the second time in Bertinoro is quite special and I would like to thank all participants for contributing to and shaping this a-disiciplinary endeavor.

Here are slides of some of the talks from the workshop:

Giuseppe Primiero, Safety and Liveness in Copied Computational Artefacts
Henri Stephanou, Business Process Modeling and Practical Ambiguity
Martin Carlé, Literate Programming, containerisation and the future of Digital Humanities
Simone Martini, Lego Programming
Dale Miller, Programming languages based on formal structures
Alberto Naibo, Logical constants from a computational point of view
Baptiste Mélès, Turing languages
Tomas Petricek, Programming languages as a design problem

Here are some pictures! Thanks to Marie-José Durand-Richard, Baptiste Mélès, Elisabetta Mori, Dale Miller and Pierre Mounier-Kuhn for having shared some of their pictures.

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