Autumn meeting in Bertinoro: slides

The autumn meeting in Bertinoro was a great and intense meeting — after the workshop, the members of the PROGRAMme group started their collaborations around the different PROGRAMme cluster and also initiated work on a PROGRAMme wiki. Below you can access the slides of some of the talks at the workshop “Formalisms at the interface with machines, languages and systems”.

Thanks to all participants for turning this into a great event! Thanks are also due to Simone Martini who not only proposed Bertinoro as a possible venue but also co-organized the event.

I am also happy to welcome our new member: Wendy Hammache.


Giuseppe Primiero, From Formal Correctness to Engineering Validity

Liesbeth De Mol and Edgar Daylight, Halting problems: a historical reading of a paradigmatic computer science problem

Baptiste Mélès, Unix Ontology: Time and Prime Mover in Unix v6

Felice Cardone, From Curry to Haskell: the logical syntax of programming languages

Gerardo Con Diaz, Machines and Algorithms in American Patent Law

Marie-José Durand-Richard, Towards programming before flowcharts : diagrams from Babbage to Wilkes

Wendy Hammache, Lambda calculus: from logic to computation

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