Autumn workshop III: What is a computer program, revisited

We are happy to announce that the next PROGRAMme workshop will be held from september 13 to september 18 2021. It is organized by Liesbeth De Mol (CNRS, UMR 8163 STL, Université de Lille) and Simone Martini (Universita di Bologna) and supported by the computer science and engineering department of the Università di Bologna and ANR.

In order to register for the public talks send a mail with your affiliation to: before September 10 2021. Talk can be attended from a distance only.

Within the PROGRAMme project, four workshops have been organized already where each focused on one of the four project clusters (Logic; Machines; Programming Languages and Notations; Systems). These followed the pre-launch roundtable of the project which focused on the main question of the project in general. This fifth workshop now revisits that main question with each of the speakers focusing on one specific program to elaborate on the question.

The workshop will be organized in a distributed manner with one or two talks on each day (mornings).

Tuesday september 14:
9h30-10h15: David Schmudde, Liveness: Programs as Performance
10h15-11h: Mael Pégny, What kind of programs are large language models?
11h-18h: work meetings with the PROGRAMme group

Wednesday september 15
9h30-10h15: Edgar Daylight, The materiality argument in computer programming: from Turing & Wittgenstein in the 1930s to Hoare & Naur in the 1980s
10h15-18h: work meetings with the PROGRAMme group

Thursday september 16

9h30-10h15: Tomas Petricek, TBA
10h15-11h: Giuseppe Primiero, Dimensions of Safety of a probabilistic computation
11h-18h: work meetings with the PROGRAMme group

Friday september 17
9h30-10h15: Selmer Bringsjord, Are Programs Uniformly Finite?  A Size-based Progression of Programs Says ‘No’
10h15-11h: Maarten Bullynck, The Circle algorithm from the HAKMEM memo
11h-18h: work meetings with the PROGRAMme group

Saturday september 18
9h30-10h15: Martin Carlé, docker exec LPE emacs –batch -l ox-o2m.el -f ox-o2m-publish
10h15-11h: Nick Wiggershaus, An artifactualist view of programs
11h-18h: work meetings with the PROGRAMme group