PROGRAMme Autumn workshop in Bertinoro 2023

We are happy to announce that the next and final PROGRAMme workshop will be held from october 2 to october 8 2023. It is organized by Liesbeth De Mol (CNRS, UMR 8163 STL, Université de Lille) and Simone Martini (Universita di Bologna) and supported by the computer science and engineering department of the Università di Bologna and ANR.

The event will be organized as a hybrid event so that people can also participate from a distance. Particpants include: N. Angius, T. Astarte, S. Bringsjord, M. Bullynck, M. Carlé, L. De Mol, S. Martini, B. Mélès, L. Melzer, P. Mounier-Kuhn, E. Mori, A. Naibo, T. Petricek, G. Primiero, J. Rohrhuber, H. Stephanou, R. Turner, N. Wiggershaus