Talks and Publications

On this page you can find a list of talks, reports and papers resulting from the project.


Prelaunch event: Roundtable@CNAM

Report of the Roundtable “What is a (computer) program?”, CNAM, 20 Octobre 2017, Paris, Available here.  

Kick-off event Lille 2018 Autumn

Liesbeth De Mol, Introduction to the project and its members
Mark Priestley, Program structure and its graphical representation c. 1946
Tomas Petricek, The Inner Life of Programming Concepts. Also available here.
Edgar Daylight, Towards a History of Model-Modellee Conflations in Computer Science
Maël Pégny, Are machine learning algorithms programs?
Ray Turner, The Ways of Computational Abstraction

Meeting Bertinoro 2018

Giuseppe Primiero, From Formal Correctness to Engineering Validity
Liesbeth De Mol and Edgar Daylight, Halting problems: a historical reading of a paradigmatic computer science problem
Baptiste Mélès, Unix Ontology: Time and Prime Mover in Unix v6
Felice Cardone, From Curry to Haskell: the logical syntax of programming languages
Gerardo Con Diaz, Machines and Algorithms in American Patent Law
Marie-José Durand-Richard, Towards programming before flowcharts : diagrams from Babbage to Wilkes
Wendy Hammache, Lambda calculus: from logic to computation

Spring meeting Lille 2019

Link to LilleTV

Maarten Bullynck, Computers as Boolean machines. Between operational clarity and physical reality
Edgar Daylight and Felice Cardone, Unbounded nondeterminism: an introduction for the philosopher of Computing
Gilles Dowek, How does the physical Church-Turing thesis changed the notion of “machine”?
Stephen Kell (University of Kent), Software against humanity? An Illichian perspective on the industrial era of software
Amirouche Moktefi, Early logic machines and the problem of elimination
Mate Szabo, Licensing, designing and reverse engineering computers in Hungary from the 1950s to the 1970s
Ray Turner, Computational abstraction
Franck Varenne, About the persistence and varieties of ‘materiality arguments’ around the machine: from the programs verification’s debate to the debate about the computer simulations’ empiricity

Autumn meeting Bertinoro 2019

Giuseppe Primiero, Safety and Liveness in Copied Computational Artefacts
Henri Stephanou, Business Process Modeling and Practical Ambiguity
Martin Carlé, Literate Programming, containerisation and the future of Digital Humanities
Simone Martini, Lego Programming
Dale Miller, Programming languages based on formal structures
Alberto Naibo, Logical constants from a computational point of view
Baptiste Mélès, Turing languages
Tomas Petricek, Programming languages as a design problem



L. De Mol, M. Bullynck and E. G. Daylight, Less is more in the fifties: encounters between logical minimalism and computer design during the fifties,  IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, vol. 40, issue 1, pp. 19-45, 2018, a version is available here:


L. De Mol and G. Primiero, What is a program? Historical and Philosophical pespectives, Report on PROGRAMme in the dissemination corner of The Reasoner, vol. 12, nr. 2, pp. 11-12.

Reports Report of the Roundtable “What is a (computer) program?”, CNAM, 20 Octobre 2017, Paris, Available here.